Say goodbye forever to manual day-to-day activities from your to-do list. Manage your sportsbook with online bookie software and professional pay per head sportsbook services that put things on auto-pilot.

We've battle tested our bookie software to take care of the time-consuming stuff so you can focus on other things. A dashboard keeps everything in one place so you can make any changes in an instant. 


Easy-To-Implement & Simple To Use 

Set up your PPH sportsbook fast and start taking bets instantly. PayPerHeadAgents’ software includes all the tools you need to run your bookie business online like a pro. 

Offer your clients online betting on practically any sport, league and game you can imagine. PayPerHeadAgents' sportsbook and bookie software make you more money by taking the hassle out of the day-to-day operations of running a sportsbook. Our bookie software and services are trusted by leading online sportsbooks and agents across the world and now it's available for you at pennies on the dollar.


Lines So Sharp They Freak Out The Wiseguys

Your success as a bookie lies in how sharp your lines are. That’s why all of our odds and lines are set by professionals with years of experience in line-setting and risk management.

We monitor lines from all major Las Vegas sportsbooks and casinos to stay on top of steam plays and wiseguy action and will alert you to any suspicious activity.

You can also move the lines yourself for each sport or on individual games. Want to offer a special line to your players? Want to give reduced juice? Go ahead, all of these features are available to you at no extra cost.


More Sports Leagues Than Any Other Book

Offer your players just about every bet type in the market: Straight bets, teasers, parlays, moneylines, round robins, if bets, futures, and more…

If you’ve ever wondered how major sportsbooks line their pockets with money, then this is the secret you’ve been waiting to discover. It’s simple: The more bet types you offer, the more your players can bet which means more money for you.

Your players can bet on over 80 available sports leagues. Not only that, you’ll also have a live and virtual casino, and a full horse racing book. With PayPerHeadAgents’ bookie software and pay per head services, you’ll be a mile ahead of the pack.


Easy-To-Use Betting Platform

Our player-facing software is super simple and intuitive to use and designed to keep players placing bets. Your players can place their bets easily, anywhere, anytime. Best of all, your sportsbook is available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week!


Real-Time Reports and Exclusive Bet Alerts

See your player’s activity in real time with over 22 reports designed for bookies. We’ve also built an exclusive bet ticker so you never miss a beat on what's going on in your book and avoid getting burned by sharp players, wiseguy action, and steam plays.


Fully Customizable System

Whatever your needs, you can easily set it up the way you want. Determine the line type, the payoff odds, the juice, restricted plays, credit lines, and more. You can customize everything on-the-fly and have it the way you want. 

You’ll also be using the latest technology sportsbook software: DGS Digital Gaming Solutions software which means you’re already ahead of your competitors who are probably still using paper and pens to manage their sportsbook.