Pay Per Head Services

It’s been a long time since the World Wide Web was created in 1989. Soon after, there were already countries passing laws to license online casinos and with that the explosion of online betting.

The industry has changed dramatically from then, with the rise and fall of offshore sportsbooks, and now morphed into a “hybrid” model of local bookies using big time casino and sportsbook software through companies called “pay per head sportsbooks.”

In The Beginning…

Not long after online gambling was born, the whole market exploded to the stratosphere with millions of dollars bet online from across the world on sports, casino games, poker, and bingo.

Offshore sportsbooks set out to dominate the Wild West of Internet gambling and sucked up the profits that funded the creation of a global industry.

The fast growth soon eclipsed, in terms of revenue, even the likes of Las Vegas and other land-based casinos and sportsbooks.

Local bookies also took a huge hit when droves of players took to the Internet and high-tailed their way towards offshore books that offered a brand new world in betting options and opportunities.

Some local bookies struck agreements with offshore companies willing to book their action for a percentage of the profits. Sportsbooks provided call center services and online gambling while local bookies gave access to their player sheets paying a cut of the action booked.

When It All Came Crashing Down

However, in the early 2000’s, along with the global growth of the offshore industry, there was also strong blowback and lobbying against offshore betting by special interests groups that eventually led to government oversight and prosecution of several high-profile offshore sportsbook owners and businessmen.

The continued pressure from countries that have outlawed and cracked down on online gambling operators, however, has not diminished the market and, in fact, it’s estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate of more than 9% by 2020.

Despite the stringent laws, the global casino gaming market has increased its popularity through gambling apps, social gambling, and mobile betting.

The Resurgence of the Local Bookie

The ongoing battle between offshore companies and governments where gambling is illegal, spawned a new opportunity for local bookies wanting to increase their revenues by offering their players the convenience of betting online.

The restrictions imposed on offshore sportsbooks for financial transactions does not necessarily limit local bookies and their networks, who mostly settle up with their players through cash, virtual currency such as bitcoin or other methods.

The Crossroad: Local Business and Bookie Software

There’s an increasing amount of companies trying to tap into the mobile and online betting market. Most of these companies are either traditional land-based casinos or offshore sportsbooks that have identified the huge potential of the local betting market.

A handful of these companies specifically cater to local bookies by offering them software and services to manage their sportsbook. As the demand for local gambling increases, vendors now offer a growing range of options for online casino and sportsbook management.

How Pay Per Head Services Have Changed The Ballgame For Local Bookies

Scalability has always been a problem for local bookies. Until now. With the ever-growing expectation of local players wanting to bet online, bookies can now use pay per head services providers as a viable option to offer online betting on sports, traditional casino games, and even horse races.

Along with the convenience of having a turnkey system to manage their sportsbook, it’s now easier than ever to grow and expand a betting shop. With services tailored for bookies, online software that’s easy to setup and use, and a range of online tools that practically run a sportsbook on autopilot, bookies can focus on gaining more players.

And, as new technology and offers such as live sports betting, live casino and mobile betting opens up more opportunities to reach a larger audience, local bookies can cash in and profit for years to come.

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