Bookie Software

Forget about phones, pencils, notebooks and taking bets manually. Technology and bookie software now open the doors for you to run your business like a world-class operation even if you're a one-man-show. 

Running a sportsbook can be a dauntingly demanding ordeal especially if you don’t have the means to do it efficiently and effectively.

And, as many bookies have learned the hard way, without a way to keep things running smoothly you’ll quickly start losing customers and this will lead to problems that can ultimately spell the end of your sportsbook.

One way to ensure that your sportsbook runs as smooth as silk is to have the right kind of software. Almost all bookies can benefit from using bookie software to manage their book.

What are some of the advantages of using bookie software? Here are just a few:

1.   Scalability - Adding massive amounts of players to your sportsbook.

As your sportsbook grows, or more users need to access your service, your bookie software needs to give you the flexibility and options to scale as needed.

Obviously, using software to run your sportsbook is the first step you need to take in order to be able to grow. But, once your sheet of players increases, scalability shouldn’t be a “bonus feature” for you to add on at an extra cost, but rather something that’s already included in your package.

This means the software application you choose should maintain effective performance if there’s a steep increase in workload. And, as any bookie worth his salt knows, there’s nothing worse than having your software crash right before the games go “off the board” on NFL Sunday.

The benefits of scalable bookie software are both short and long-term; at the outset, you may not need every feature that might be useful down the road. But, as your sportsbook grows your bookmaking software programs need to be robust enough to handle hundreds of games, manage thousands of bets, and immediately grade games so players can keep on placing bets.

As a sportsbook owner, you need to choose bookie software that was designed to grow along with your sportsbook.

2. Privacy - Stop worrying about someone prying into your business.

We know the value of privacy in this industry. It’s exactly the reason why bookie management software integrates with your own private website which you can give to your players to access their accounts online.

Since bets are taken through the Internet, your player’s information is kept confidential and secure and you can reduce the risk of someone stealing your business’ information.

3. Ease of Use - Every bet is recorded digitally and graded automatically

On any given day, there are dozens of sports events going on, millions of bets taken and paid out. It’s practically impossible to manually take and grade a large number of bets unless you own a huge sportsbook. Which is why bookie software gives you massive leverage by doing everything automatically before, during and after games.

4. Reporting and AnalysisKnow your book down to the penny

You can’t improve what you don’t measure and you can’t measure what you don’t track. But the real advantage of using bookie software is that it gives you real-time visibility into the inner workings of your business to answer critical questions.

In the past, there was little you could do to build and access reports unless you had the technical skills to do so. Even so, generating business reports is usually a giant headache. Many sportsbooks work with different disconnected sources of data and, therefore, have a hard time to analyze performance in a way that’s efficient and works.

This is where the reporting tools of bookie software come in. These tools gather key data and consolidate it so you can identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement. With this information in hand, you can answer critical questions and make quick decisions in your sportsbook.

5. Better Offer - Triple the sports and bets you can take

If you’re like many bookies, you’re probably taking action on some football games every weekend. Can you picture taking bets on every game not only for major American sports but also on international leagues across the globe? And, of course, the more action you’re able to take the more profits you’ll generate.

By using pay per head software you’ll not only be able to book more action, you’ll also have the possibility to offer many kinds of bets, such as parlays and teasers that will increase your revenues. Or, if you want to offer regular straight bets, Over/Under betting and moneylines without missing a beat. There’s also the option of including a full-fledged casino and a racebook for betting on horses.

You can even offer live wagering, where your players can place bets on games that are taking place.

6. Accessibility - Your 24/7 365 days-a-year sportsbook

All you need to use bookie software is a browser and an internet connection. This is generally available on many devices and from practically anywhere in the world, which makes using sports booking software a no-brainer.

When your sportsbook is open around the clock and your customers can access their accounts whenever and wherever they want, it makes growing your business much easier and you can devote more of your time to finding more players to further increase your revenues.

People across the world are betting all day, every day. The question is whether you can take their bets. Recent market studies have shown that the online betting segment will dominate the market, accounting for more than 45% of the total market share by 2020. By using software to run your operation, you’ll have a sportsbook that doesn’t sleep and you’ll be able to book bets year-round on practically every sport you can imagine.

7. Mobile Betting Ready - Ride the tsunami before it crashes on you

The mobile betting market is exploding and will continue to grow in years to come. According to recent studies by market research company Technavio, currently, the desktop segment accounts for most of the market share. However, with the increasing number of users, especially in the millennial segment, playing on smart and portable devices the mobile segment will likely overtake that of desktop.

Ease-of-use, social betting, and speed will likely take front and center in the mobile betting market. Bettors will be looking for the ultimate online gambling experience and bookies that offer different ways to bet online will thrive in the future.

8. Easy Line Management - Your book’s lifeblood

As every bookie knows, having solid lines is a sportsbook’s lifeblood. And, keeping on top of every game, bet, and spread, along with hundreds of little details is daunting. Being able to manage your book and move your lines based on risk management is one of the many benefits of using bookie software.

Software that allows you to easily manage lines in one place while giving you visibility of important line movements in the industry is paramount to your success. Not only will you be safeguarded against steam and sharp action, you can also have full visibility of where you might be exposed to games where the action is tilted too heavily on one side.

9. Flexibility - An all-in-one solution to run your sportsbook  

Depending on the type of bookie software you choose, everything you need to run your sportsbook is centralized in one place which gives you enormous flexibility to focus on other important activities like getting more customers.

But, flexibility when it comes to bookie software also means it works on any platform or device. It works on all smartphones, tablets, PCs and whatever devices your customers use. It runs anywhere.

It also integrates and works well with other services or software, such as casino and horse booking software, which can ultimately improve your sportsbook by adding new features and capabilities.

This last point is important because flexible bookie software doesn’t hold you back from growing your business as it’ll adapt to your needs. It also creates new opportunities because you’re not limited to doing things by hand which is inefficient and time-consuming at best and can lead to other problems.  

10. Cost Reduction - Slash costs dramatically while increasing your profits 

If you’ve ever worked with an offshore sportsbook to offer your customers some of the services they give their players then you know that it can be costly. Typically, you’ll be offered some sort of arrangement where you have to split your winnings with the offshore sportsbook which can be as high as 50% of profits.

However, companies that offer bookie software generally only charge you a “per head” fee for every player that takes action in a week’s time. In other words, in exchange for using the bookie software (and managing many of the other things needed to run a sportsbook), you only pay a set fee for customers that make a bet each week.

This means there are no up-front costs to worry about and no ridiculous profit-sharing arrangements that can bleed your sportsbook dry.

There are also no other overhead costs to subtract from your gross income which means you get to keep more of your profits. There are also the added money-saving opportunities you get from using one software to perform a multitude of different tasks.

Many bookies find themselves unable to afford to have to hire a small army of agents to do things by hand which can be solved by using bookie software to do everything.  

11. Quick Set Up and Deployment – Hit the ground running and start making money fast

Most bookie software applications are already configured so you can hit the ground running. This minimizes common delays that result from often lengthy traditional ways of running a sportsbook.

For the most part, you can be open for business once you import your players and set up their profiles (credit limits, special arrangements, access and such).

Some bookie software companies not only provide you with the tools you need to run a world-class sportsbook, they’ll also include a website and such things as customer service and a call center to handle the day-to-day aspects of bookmaking.

You can easily deploy your software by giving your customers an account to access an online website to place their bets.

12. Easy Upgrades – Take the headaches out of having outdated software

There’s nothing to worry about or deal with due to out-of-date software because your bookie software provided will keep the application updated and upgraded.

Newer versions of the software are automatically updated with improvements and upgrades. This means that your customers will always be satisfied with your service and will stay loyal to you. The longer you can keep a customer, the more you increase their lifetime value and long-term profits.

13. Increased Control and Efficiency – Manage your book like a tight ship

Do you really want to do things by hand? Be honest, while you may have an argument for keeping everything with pen and paper, once your book grows to a certain size it’s practically impossible to run a tight ship if you’re doing everything manually.

One of the main advantages of using booking software is that you can consolidate your business into one controllable platform that gives you the ability to run things practically on auto-pilot.

If you’re doing everything by hand there’s a big risk of making costly errors not to mention the huge time suck that it represents. By using bookmaking software it gives you access to a common, reliable system that automates key activities and allows growth.

14. Tracking and Customer Management -

Bookie software can help you effectively track and manage your players. Instead of having to keep your records on paper, you can simply check on things via the software application.

You don’t have to wait around to get the information you need to run your sportsbook. You can easily check it yourself at any time.

Managing and tracking your player’s action is easy when you use bookie software because all records are created, updated, and kept digitally.

Your bookie software application can give you a complete view of your customers, including activity history, important contacts and communications with your players.

As you can see, the advantages of using software can catapult your sportsbook into another bracket and can help you compete on a level playing field with much bigger companies. Call us for your no-commitment quote today and get your FREE 14-Day Trial.