Where are you located?

We are located in the peaceful, Central American country of Costa Rica.

Are you licensed?

We are licensed by Costa Rican government.  We do not report any of our activity to any foreign government agency.

Are transactions confidential?

We understand how important confidentiality is in this business.  Your business activities are 100% confidential and private.

What are your customer settlements like?

Our player activity is accounted from Monday through Sunday.

What gaming options do you have to offer me?

Your customers will have access to all four major sports (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL), having quarters and halves on all professional sports, halves in all college games, sides and totals.  We also have Golf, Nascar, MMA, Boxing, Tennis, 60 different soccer leagues from around the world, horses, casino, live dealer casino and much more.

I have forgotten my username and password, how can I recover them?

Please contact our member services department to our toll free 1-888–328-6957

Can I cancel plays?

Only agents are allowed to cancel plays or put in any late action.

What distinguishes PayPerHeadAgents.com from the others?

Very simple: our leadership, experience and constant quest for excellence. Our lines are solid and stable.  We are completely familiar with how to run credit operations and how to run a business that successfully satisfies players’ needs, how to handle them, how to provide and deliver quality service on a regular basis.

I am interested.  How can I contact you?

Please either call 1-888-328-6958 or fill out the following enquiry form.